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As a pioneer in crafting innovative Chinese cuisine, Chinesology has worked hard to curate a series of thoughtful, indelible dining experiences to create unforgettable memories for our beloved guests. From exclusive wine pairing dinners, delicious and joyful pop-up events to top chefs' collaboration, here is a selection of tasteful gastronomic happenings await at Chinesology. Don’t miss out and book with us now!


Chinesology Joins Forces with Four Iconic Local Brands for a Captivating"Flavours of Hong Kong" Culinary Experience

Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, Chef Saito has proactively collaborated with four well-established local brands, each with a history spanning over 70 years in Hong Kong: Tiu Yuen Soy Company, Ser Wong Fun, Lee Hoong Kee, and Kam Hing Noodles. Drawing inspiration from the signature expertise of each brand, Chinesology presents a 10-course themed menu titled "Flavours of Hong Kong". This extraordinary culinary experience celebrates local character and evokes nostalgic memories shared by the people of Hong Kong.

*Please reserve at least 2 days in advance.


Ser Wong Fun
Since 1895s

With an impressive history of more than 120 years, Gigi Ng, the current proprietor, has made it her mission to promote snake soup and traditional Cantonese cuisine. She carefully selects ingredients from established suppliers and combines them with her family's secret recipe to prepare the acclaimed snake soup. The establishment has gained recognition for its Five-Snake Soup, preserved meat sausage, and nourishing stews.


Tiu Yuen Soy Company
Since 1920s

Boasting a history of over 90 years, Tiu Yuen Soy Company has remained steadfast in upholding the most traditional production techniques, embracing "natural sun-drying and natural fermentation." This meticulous process demands a minimum of six months to ensure the soy sauce acquires a distinctive, aromatic bean flavor while retaining its health benefits. Every drop of soy sauce encapsulates the master craftsmen's time and devotion.


Kam Hing Noodles
Since 1946s

With over 70 years of experience in the noodle manufacturing industry, the company provides noodles to more than 600 restaurants. Spanning three generations, the enterprise is currently managed by the Feng father-and-son team, who produce an extensive selection of over 70 fresh noodle types.


Lee Hoong Kee
Since 1950s

Boasting a history of over 70 years in Hong Kong, this esteemed specialty store is dedicated to the sale of ginseng, cordyceps, and traditional Chinese medicine. Procuring ingredients from across the globe, the store established an abalone farm in South Africa in 1994. Inspired by Japanese dried abalone production methods, they have refined a distinct abalone drying technique.

Preserving Authentic Local Craftsmanship 
“Celebrating Hong Kong's culinary heritage, this collaboration bridges generations and cultures, strengthening connections.” Chef Saito Chau


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